Capreolus scoop a galaxy of Great Taste shining stars!

Posted by David Richards on

David and Karen Richards have been curating delicious artisan charcuterie since 2009. The ‘rockstar’ English charcuterie range has clearly been sprinkled with stardust as once again they have triumphed with two more 3-Star products and three 2-Star products in this year’s Great Taste Awards.

3-STAR - Wild Venison Chorizo. The flavours in this Chorizo are based on our ‘standard’ 3 Stars Chorizo using 50% local wild venison (from Sika Deer living on the Isle of Purbeck) and 50% free-range pork.

In the judge’s words:

This is outstanding - quite fabulous. Everything about it is rounded, balanced and knit together. Very clever blending of all of the elements. The casing isn't chewy or tough. You've balanced the pork perfectly with the venison so the fat holds together with enough moisture - it doesn't over power the venison. Seasoning and spice are perfection and the smokiness from the Pimenton is a hint and no more. A gentle tingling heat on the finish lingers with the savoury acidity to deliver the desire to reach for more.

You have nothing more to add to this - we cannot criticise it in any way. It is utter perfection!”

3-STAR - Dorset Soft Salami. This wonderful creamy soft and spreadable salami with the consistency of a pâté has been inspired by Ventricina from the Abruzzo region of Italy. It is made with free-range pork from Dorset and seasoned with a complex blend of herbs and a little orange zest.

In the judge’s words:

”...absolutely fascinating! This pale orange sausage has a soft spreadable consistency. On tasting on its own the flavours are all there as promised and as you taste more flavours develop on the tongue. They keep on coming! The level of seasoning is good with a gentle bit of fire in the throat. This reminds us of Nduja. Eating it with toast brings out all those flavours - they are even more intense - how clever is that? We really enjoyed this product - congratulations!”

It’s written in the Stars...

All Great Taste stars are highly respected seals of approval. 3-Stars are the ‘ultimate exquisite very small chosen few’ and the 2-Star accolade is the ‘outstanding above and beyond delicious’ accolade. Here’s what the highly respected Great Taste judges had to say about the new Capreolus 2-Star products for 2021:


2-STAR - Dorset Truffled Salami - What a stunning aroma of cured pork and truffle! The pork flavour is delicate and yet builds in its delivery of flavour. The truffle dances alongside all the ingredients without taking over, and the ratio of fat versus meat is bang on the money; you have balanced the ingredients very well and still allowed the pork meat to remain the star of the show. The texture too is wonderful”.

2-STAR - Venison & Green Peppercorn Salami - A rich looking salami with an enticing meaty, lactic aroma. Delicious!!! It's tender, creamy and zingy! All the flavours are strong but nothing overpowers they are so well-balanced. A very well judged and moreish salami. A joy to try!”

2-STAR - Pannage Ham - Great looking thin slices of glossy ham.A great ratio of fat that releases melt in the mouth texture and fabulous tasting meat, sweet, savoury, rich with umami notes with the pork coming to the fore - totally delicious and very well made which keeps you going back for another slice”.

David, the Capreolus Master Epicurean, says:

“......since we first embarked on our journey in 2009 the English charcuterie industry has grown. Putting our artisan produce forward for a panel of experts to taste and review is always nail-biting so for us to be awarded Great Taste Stars this year across five of our products shows that we are still at the top of our game. The last 18 months have been a rocky road in the food industry but we’ve managed to come through the storm stronger as a team with exciting times ahead. We are absolutely thrilled.”


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