Golden Fork from the South West for our Smoked Pancetta

Posted by David Richards on

We are so pleased to announce that our Smoked Pancetta was awarded the Golden Fork at the Great Taste Awards 2020 yesterday. 

Golden Fork Great Taste Award 2020 Smoked Pancetta Capreolus

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This comes swiftly on the back of the 3 Stars it was awarded at the Great Taste Awards 2020, alongside our pancetta.

From the Great Taste Awards press release:

"...Having impressed at every stage of the blind-tasted judging process, as a record-breaking 12,777 entries were assessed over 14 weeks of remote judging and socially distanced judging sessions, the “proud and unashamedly piggy” Smoked Pancetta was celebrated as the best tasting product in the South West during the virtual Great Taste Golden Fork award ceremony on Thursday 22 October."

"...The Smoked Pancetta was described as “faultless” by the Great Taste judges, who enjoyed its “sweet, meaty flavour with a good smoky background” and “wave after wave of herbs...”

Our Smoked Pancetta is made from pork bellies using free-range West Country pork.  We select pieces with a good fat to meat ratio and then cure them with garlic, black pepper, thyme, juniper, bay, and mace.  The cured meat is then fermented (which makes the fat render quickly - perfect for cooking) and then air-dried and smoked over beech for a soft smoky flavour. 


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