Barbequed Chorizo with chimichurri sauce in ciabatta

Posted by Karen on

This is SO easy to make and to serve and is ideal for a lazy summer barbeque with friends or as a treat while you watch fireworks on Bonfire Night.  A favourite recipe here at Capreolus HQ!

The sauce can be made the day before, covered and refrigerated and the chorizos just need to be cut lengthways before cooking on the barbeque or in a pan. This is enough sauce for up to 6 ciabatta rolls so if you do not use it all at once try serving it with a steak or pork chop .. SUPER yummy!



1 whole or half Capreolus cooking chorizo per person sliced lengthways (depending on the size of your ciabatta roll and your apetite)

1 ciabatta roll per person

120ml Olive oil (4 fl oz)

2 tbsp red wine vinegar

100g fresh parsley very finely chopped

4 large cloves garlic crushed (more or less for preference)

1 whole red deseeded chilli very finely chopped

1 tbsp. dried oregano (or better still a small handful of fresh oregano)

1 tsp sea salt

A good dash of freshly ground black pepper

Small tomato sliced



  • I prefer to make the herby, garlicky chimichurri sauce the day before I need it, but it works well if freshly made too. Once made cover and refrigerate until you are ready to use it
  • To make the sauce simply combine all the ingredients in a glass bowl. The flavours develop if made a few hours ahead of time
  • Slice the chorizo and the ciabatta bread lengthways
  • Heat the grill on your barbeque, or the pan (if that is how you will be cooking the chorizo)
  • Put the chorizo halves onto the barbeque or into the pan and turn every few minutes until the cut side is slightly coloured and is sizzling .. don't overcook it so do it at using a fairly gentle heat
  • Place the chorizo into the ciabatta and spoon over enough chimichurri sauce to make it all juicy
  • Add the fine slices of tomato
  • Close ciabatta roll, grab a napkin and ENJOY!

An alternative to the ciabatta roll is a deli wrap used in the same way .. this was delicious when we tried it at HQ, but it was gloriously, chin dribblingly good (if a little messy)!