Artisan Charcuterie 'made slowly' in West Dorset by award winning epicureans

Charcuterie Recipes — Coppa

Crispy Capreolus Coppa with Brussel Sprouts

Posted by David Richards on

Vegetable Side Dish (perfect for Xmas)

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Dorset Coppa and Prawn Recipe

Posted by Capreolus Fine Foods on

Dorset Coppa Recipe - English Charcuterie
This recipe by Theo Randall, combines the combination of salty, fatty, Coppa with the sweet prawns and lots of parsley, creating a beautiful flavour. 

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Dorset Coppa with Cauliflower Recipe

Posted by Luke Burgess, Australian chef on

Dorset Coppa English Charcuterie Recipes
This versatile, interesting salad could be served as a delicious starter, or even as breakfast. Caramelising cauliflower is a great way to amplify the flavour. Great English Charcuterie recipes from Capreolus

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