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Dorset Hot Nduja & Barber's Vintage Reserve Cheddar toasties with pear and honey

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Just one of our winter warmer recipes – the ultimate comfort food for a cold day.  Our English charcuterie can work well in a variety of hot and cold dishes whether it be for a picnic, a comforting supper, or a Boxing Day buffet.

Cheese toasties are one of life's great simple pleasures.  This one combining our Dorset Hot Nduja Salami and Barber's Vintage Reserve Cheddar takes it up a level on taste and satisfaction. The addition of the pear and honey adds wonderfully to the flavours and textures of this very special toasted sandwich.


Capreolus Dorset Ndjua Hot Salami Toastie


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Preparation Time:10 minutes

Cook Time:10


  • Capreolus Dorset Hot Nduja Salami (approx one inch of spreadable nduja (adjust according to your liking for heat)
  • Barber's 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar Cheese
  • Ripe pear peeled and sliced
  • Some honey
  • Sourdough bread
  • Butter


    • Lightly toast the bread to prevent a soggy toastie
    • Butter both sides of the bread
    • Spread the Dorset Hot Nduja evenly over each slice of bread, be as generous as you like. This can be spicy so adjust to your own taste.
    • Lay slices of the pear and apple across the nduja
    • Drizzle over some honey
    • Top with a generous amount of grated cheese, enough to ensure that the cheese oozes out when cooked.
    • Top with another slice of buttered bread
    • You can use a toastie maker which will cook both sides evenly or you can do this is a frying pan.
    • When cooking in a frying pan, cook on medium heat and cook until both the nduja and the cheese melts. Use a spatula to press down on the bread as it cooks.
    • You will need to turn this over a couple of times to ensure that both slices of bread gets toasted.

    Serve while the cheese is still oozing with a cool glass of cider.

    Visit our Shop to buy Dorset Nduja Hot Salami

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