Uphall Farmhouse Air-Dried Ham 80g 2-STAR GREAT TASTE AWARD 2019

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We try to keep the rare-breed pigs to make our hams.  One of our favourites are the woodland-reared Oxford Sandy & Black pigs. The meat is cured with pepper and fennel and is then air-dried for many months in our maturing room.  This long process makes the meat meltingly tender and the fat becomes silky smooth and full of flavour. Now in larger packs.

Try serving this ready to eat meat with fresh figs and a chilled Beaujolais or a fine rosé wine

Gold with 2 Stars' - Great Taste Awards 2019

The judges said of this product

  • Beautifully sweet ham with a perfect level of salt.  There are fennel notes which are superb.  Lean, dry, no funky piggy after taste.  The cure is spot on.  a very prevalent umami flavour as well.  Bloomin' lovely
  • a plate full of delicious looking ham, creamy looking fat and a beautiful aroma of fennel.  The pork starts to release and melt on the palate.  The fennel develops alongside the pork as part of the story.

Gold Award - Taste of the West 2012

Ingredients:  Pork leg, salt, black pepper, white pepper, fennel seeds, bay leaves. 165g pork used per 100g.

Preservatives: Sodium nitrite, Ascorbic acid.