Artisan Charcuterie 'made slowly' in West Dorset by award winning epicureans

Dorset Pastrami (smoked salt beef) 100g sliced - 1 STAR GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2020

Capreolus Fine Foods

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We make our Pastrami from the salmon muscle (also known as the Faux Fillet) from a variety of local free-range West Country farms.  All the beef that we use is PGI West Country grass-fed. The beef is cured in a highly flavoured brine and then air-dried before being cold-smoked over beech wood chips. The meat is cooked gently, and slowly sous vide.  This makes the most incredible sandwich.  Pastrami is often served with rye bread and gherkins, but try it in a hot ciabatta with fresh tomatoes and a good mayonnaise.  If you like beef (especially bresaola) you might also like to try our Dorset air dried beef which is cured with port and other wonderful things.

Ready to eat. See our recipe for the  Reuben Sandwich using our award winning pastrami

Great Taste Awards 2020 - Judges' Notes

“...The texture here is tender, juicy and succulent - the chew releases quite a wave of salt and even for lovers of salt beef this is quite a punch to the palate...”

“...Clean, sweet aroma. Neat slices with a satisfying chew. Well defined smoke and background spices...”

“...On the nose, there is a delicate sweetness mixed with all sorts of other aromas...”


Capreolus Great Taste Awards 2020

Capreolus Great Taste Awards 2020


Ingredients: Beef, salt, garlic, black pepper,  yellow MUSTARD seed, coriander, allspice, chilli, cinnamon, bay leaves, cloves, ginger. We rarely use any allergens in other products, however our pastrami does contain mustard which is listed as an allergen.  140g meat used per 100g.

Preservatives: Sodium nitrite.