Artisan Charcuterie 'made slowly' in West Dorset by award winning epicureans

Venison, Pork and Green Peppercorn Salami - 2 STAR GREAT TASTE AWARD 2021 & TASTE OF THE WEST GOLD 2021

Capreolus Fine Foods Ltd

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Wild Venison and free range Pork  ground and flavoured with whole green peppercorns, black pepper garlic and cep powder.  In the finished salami the green peppercorns add little bursts of prickly, resinous heat.


Ingredients:  Venison, Pork, pork back fat, salt, black pepper, green peppercorns, garlic, cep powder. 170g meat used for 100g product.

Preservatives: Sodium nitrite, Ascorbic acid

What the Great Taste 2021 judges said:

A rich looking salami with an enticing meaty, lactic aroma. Delicious!!! It's tender, creamy and zingy! All the flavours are strong but nothing overpowers they are so well-balanced. A very well judged and moreish salami. A joy to try!”