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Smoked Pancetta 100g sliced

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As featured in Paul Hollywood's recent BBC television programme 'Pies & Puds' episode 20.

Our Pancetta is made from pork bellies using free-range West Country pork.  We select pieces with a good fat to meat ratio and then cure them with garlic, black pepper, thyme, juniper, bay, and mace.  The cured meat is then fermented (which makes the fat render quickly - perfect for cooking) and then air-dried and smoked over beech for a soft smoky flavour.  We slice the pancetta thinly so that you can use it to wrap around chicken or partridge or fry until crisp to add to a walnut, lettuce and mangetout salad, but of course there are a million ways to use Pancetta.   See also our pancetta without smoke and guanciale which are great alternatives.

 'Gold Award' - Taste of the West 2012 (unsmoked pancetta)


'Best Cured Meat' - Taste of the West 2012 (unsmoked pancetta)