Artisan Charcuterie 'made slowly' in West Dorset by award winning epicureans

Dorset Warmer salami 80g sliced- Great Taste Awards 2020 - 1 Star

Capreolus Fine Foods

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We kept being asked for a hotter salami and so we created the Dorset Warmer.  Flavour is of great importance to us, and not just heat, so we put whole black peppercorns and three varieties of chilli into this recipe - two of these chillis are not very hot; urfa chilli has a warm, woodland-floor flavour, ancho chilli brings sweetness to the mix and then hot chilli flakes add the kick at the end.  We call this the salami with a slow burn.  Ready to eat but it might be advisable to have a beer to hand to cool things down a little!

This is for a single 80g pack of sliced Dorset Warmer.  See also our 3-pack bundle for £10

Great Taste Awards 2020 - Judges' Notes

“...A very inviting salami with an aroma which is both deep and yet also with lively top, almost acetic notes on the nose...”

“...A stunning and inviting aroma greets you as soon as the salami is on the plate...”

“...Generous sized and well-cut slices of salami. Pleasing to see the whole peppercorns present. Its savoury porky note and sweet and creamy fat lead into a building heat from the chilli. The spicy pepper is vibrant, fruity, fresh tasting and exact. A really well-balanced flavour profile that is completely on point with carefully judged levels of spice and seasoning...”

Capreolus Great Taste Awards 2020

Capreolus Great Taste Awards 2020