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Merguez salami for cooking 80g

Capreolus Fine Foods

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One of our newest products is Merguez - a rich, aromatic, piquant and tasty salami ready-to-eat or to be used in cooking.  This salami is made from lamb, hogget or mutton (91.67% meat) and is one of the few that we make without pork.  Unlike most supermarket Merguez we do not use any fillers and this is not a fresh sausage, but is a true salami.  Thanks to the spicy and fragrant harissa (a hot, aromatic paste made with chilli, rose petals and other mixed spices and herbs) the taste of Merguez is distinctly North African and Middle Eastern.  It is an excellent cooking ingredient in dishes like a Moroccan tagine or with Shakshouka.  Our version of Merguez is medium hot.