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NEW - Rampisham Velvet - 100g

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The Rampisham Velvet is our new 'herby' soft spreadable, ready-to-eat, ambient pate-style salami.  

Made from free range Dorset pork seasoned with a complex blend of herbs and it has it's own little bit of history.  In  2016 we launched two ‘time-limited’ salamis: Hard Brexit Salami and Soft Brexit Salami – we killed them both off at the end of 2016 (for obvious reasons).

Our new 2022 Rampisham Velvet Salami is our 'revamped' Soft Brexit!!!

Treat it like a pate and spread it onto toast or a cracker.   It could be used in many ways for your seasonal canapés or as an ingredient in a recipe (we recently added it to a delicious quiche)!

NB -  this is a hot off the press batch so our fancy branded packaging is still in production for this product.  

Ingredients: Pork, pork fat, salt, port (SULPHITE), garlic, black pepper, coriander, rosemary, juniper berries, bay leaves

Preservatives: Sodium nitrite, Ascorbic acid


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