About us


Capreolus Fine Foods is a multi-award winning, family owned English artisan charcuterie producer in Rampisham, West Dorset.  Quality and provenance are of th utmost importance to us and we source locally bred and reared free range meat from traditional and rare  breeds wherever possible and seasonal wild meats from the West Country.

Curing of the meat follows age-old traditional techniques combined with a flair and instinct for flavour.  Air-drying of the cured meat is carried out in temperature and humidity controlled rooms to overcome the vagaries of the British weather.  Smoke is used to enhance the flavour of some of the meats using beech wood chips which give a delicate flavour that never dominates the fine qualities of the meats.

Our product range of Dorset charcuterie includes (most of which you can buy online):

Pork - Guanciale, Coppa, Air-Dried Pork Loin (Lomo or Lonzino), Pancetta, Air-Dried Ham, Salami, Lardo, Gammon.

Salamis - we make a variety of salamis including a simple Saucisson Sec, The Rosette, The Rampisham Tingler, The Dorset Warmer,  Nduja, Dorset Soft Salami, Pepperoni (pork and wild venison), Chorizo and a cooking Merguez Salami (made from lamb without any pork)

Beef - Air-Dried Beef, Salt Beef, Pastrami

Mutton - Smoked Leg of Mutton, Merguez Salami (partially dried salami for cooking)

Wild Boar - Salami, Coppa, Air-Dried Loin (Lomo or Lonzino) - Not currently in production

Duck - Smoked Breast of Duck, Duck Confit, Gesier,  Duck Salami (made as a special from time to time)

Pheasant - Smoked Pheasant breasts (seasonal)


Capreolus Fine Foods derives its name from the Roe deer, whose Latin name is Capreolus capreolus. 

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