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Finest Dorset-made charcuterie and smoked foods

Bacon & Sausage Making

Although we are makers of award winning artisan British Charcuterie, we also make bacon and sausages and have won several awards for what we produce. 

This is a weekend course that will teach how to make delicious bacon and sausages at home. There is no mystery in how to make bacon and sausages – every household used to do it! It just became more convenient to let large manufacturers do it for us. The result is bacon that doesn’t sizzle in the pan and sausages with loads of ‘E’ numbers and other unspeakable ingredients. Using readily available equipment designed specifically for use in your own kitchen, you will learn how to make bacon the ‘old-fashioned’ way and sausages with loads of meat and real flavour.

The first day will start with learning how to butcher a pig. Working in pairs, you will be helped to remove the loin and belly from half a pig in order to make back and streaky bacon. You will also prepare the meat you will need for making sausages. The first job, however, will be to carefully cut out the tenderloin which will be served to you for lunch!

After lunch you will make your bacon – selecting one of our award winning cures (Black Strap Molasses, Maple Syrup, or Bay & Juniper). You will be shown how we make our bacon in larger volumes and how you can adapt those techniques for making it yourself at home. The bacon obviously takes more than an afternoon to make, so we will complete the process for you; smoke it if you wish, slice and pack it and then send it to you. You will receive 1kg of back bacon and 1kg of streaky bacon.

On the second day you will make sausages – four different varieties. We start our sausages from scratch, using the individual herbs and spices (no pre-mixed commercial recipes here!). Rather than using our commercial equipment, you will make your sausages by hand. This is not only how you will do it at home in the future, but will also give you the feel and understanding of how the meat changes as you handle it. You will fill your sausages into natural hog casings using a domestic sausage stuffer and will be taught how to link them – the way proper butchers do. After that you will pack your sausages ready to take them home with you. You will take home 8 packs of sausages – 2 of each variety.

Lunch on the second day will be roast pork – using meat that you prepared the previous day – with lots of crackling!

Along with the bacon and sausages mentioned above, we will provide you with detailed course notes and several suggested recipes for making bacon, gammon and a variety of different types of sausages. You will also receive the smart ‘Capreolus’ apron you used over the weekend!

There are several excellent B&Bs locally where you can stay and we would be delighted to put you in touch with them. Alternatively, we can recommend a couple of local hotels.