Chorizo sliced 80g 3-STAR GREAT TASTE AWARD 2019

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Chorizo is a classic ingredient in Spanish cooking.  Our Chorizo is made from free-range West Country pork and is heavily seasoned with Spanish smoked paprika (single Estate, artisan produced PDO), Spanish purple garlic (for a truly authentic flavour), and cayenne pepper for heat.  It has been fermented and then partially air-dried before we pack the sausage to prevent further drying.  This makes it perfect for cooking (or eating as it is); the sausage still retains some moisture so it is not too dry and crumbly but the highly flavoured fat renders very quickly in cooking - perfect for a paella or pizza.

It is best described as on the 'hotter' side of medium heat. These are made by hand using natural casings so weights may vary from chorizo to chorizo.  You will receive a minimum weight of 100g

Gold with 3 Stars' - Great Taste Awards 2019


The judges said of this product;

  • What a glorious looking chorizo, deeply rich and silky, and so very tender, probably the most tender chorizo we have ever eaten, the pork and fermentation are so very well balanced and so too is the spicing

  • A soft, meaty bite with developing heat and sweet pimenton. Good acidity, the paste breaks down very well - the levels of meat, fat, spice, salt - all balanced and made very well.  The fat melts away. There is a good prickly fuzzy heat

  • Rich smoky aroma.  Good chunks of meat and fat.  Soft texture, pulls apart well.  Fabulous balance of flavours working together to give a well rounded, delicious finish.

  • There is a fine look to this chorizo and an even finer flavour.  The flavour builds with a warmth that opens up well giving one a hug rather than a slap.  The texture gives a great eat.  Well balanced and splendid

  • Deep savoury aroma, tangy, porky, almost farmyardy.  Fabulous deep red colour, enormously enticing appearance.   Tip top texture, not oily or greasy.   Huge flavour, we could eat a lot of this.  Great belt of heat which is assertive but doesn't detract from the flavours.   Thoroughly good, satisfying.