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Product Image Lardo infused with English truffle oil 70g  3-Stars Great Taste Awards

Lardo infused with English truffle oil 70g 3-Stars Great Taste Awards


Lardo is the highly flavoured cured and fermented back fat from a pig (NOT to be confused with lard, which is tasteless and used as a baking ingredient). 

With the modern preference for very lean pigs it is difficult to get pigs with thick enough back fat to make Lardo, so we only make it from rare breed pigs like the Oxford Sandy & Blacks from Sam's Pigs or Large Blacks from Judy Williamson in Cornwall.  We dry cure the back fat with a blend of herbs and spices and when it is cured (which takes many months) we infuse it with English Truffle Oil (English rape seed oil infused with truffles collected in Dorset and Wiltshire) and leave it for another month before it is ready for sale.

The curing and fermenting process changes the structure of the fat and makes it render at a low temperature, which gives it an incredibly silky 'mouth feel' and a rich flavour with a salty tang.  Lardo can either be eaten on its own, as part of an antipasti plate, or it can be used to flavour other dishes.  A sliver of Lardo placed on top of a fillet of grilled sea-bass just melts in and adds an amazing flavour.

WINNER OF 3 STARS AT THE GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2014. The judges said "Gorgeous pale colour. Meltingly delicious in the mouth with a perfect balance of herbs and curing. A wonderful and unusual product that really deserves praise", "A wonderful balance of rich flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture. Very cleverly produced to a high standard. Excellent", "An excellent hit of herbs with a strong note of truffle - although we'd like to try this melted over sourdough toast to get the full experience. Huge flavour, good level of salt and pork".

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