Pancetta Offcuts 100g - Great Taste Awards 2020 - 3 Stars

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As featured in Paul Hollywood's recent BBC television programme 'Pies & Puds' episode 20.

These are offcuts of our award winning pancetta which we are able to offer from time to time.  We have packed them into 100g+ packs and are ready for you to cube and use in an array of warming cooked dishes.

Our Pancetta is made from pork bellies from free range West Country pigs.  We select pieces with a good fat to meat ratio and then cure them with garlic, black pepper, thyme, juniper, bay, and mace.  The cured meat is then fermented (which makes the fat render quickly - perfect for cooking) and then air-dried.  We slice the pancetta thinly so that you can use it to wrap around chicken or partridge or fry until crisp to add to a walnut, lettuce and mangetout salad, but of course there are a million ways to cook with Pancetta (winner Best Cured Product 2012).   See also our smoked pancetta and Guanciale (Charcuterie Product of the Year 2019 - Great Taste). Our pancetta is a great alternative when guanciale is unavailable.

Great Taste Awards 2020 - Judges' Notes

“...Thinly sliced belly pork. Pancetta is all about the fat. This is very generous with fat content, soft, buttery fat with succulent lines of lean meat…"

"...The fat doesn't cling to the palate, it melts and fills the mouth with superb savoury notes of pork, pepper and sweetness. The sweetness is pronounced when we quickly cook a slice to enjoy the product in a different way - so straight from the pack, or cooked very lightly, this is an accomplished pork product with great impact on the palate..."

"...We can imagine this crisp in a pan and dipping bread into the fat. It's very delicious and a fine example of well butchered and well cured pork.. wrapped around some beautiful English asparagus then dipped into a runny egg..."


Capreolus Great Taste Awards 2020 Winners

Capreolus - Great Taste Awards 2020

 'Gold Award' - Taste of the West 2012


'Best Cured Meat' - Taste of the West 2012