Artisan Charcuterie 'made slowly' in West Dorset by award winning epicureans

Rampisham Tingler salami - three for £13.99 sliced 2-STAR GREAT TASTE AWARD 2019

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 Inspired by the flavours of Calabria in Italy we created this salami.  The recipe is a blend of pork with a sweet wine, fennel and a hint of chilli.  This is perfect as part of a charcuterie platter served with a big flavoured Puglian red wine.  See some of our other artisan salamis like Rosette and Mutton. Nett weight 80g per pack (3 packs in this bundle).  See also our single pack of sliced Rampisham Tingler Salami.

Gold with 2 Stars' - Great Taste Awards 2019

The judges said of this product

  • A delicious initial taste of fennel after an aroma of fennel on the nose.  The wine and chilli begin to show, developing and growing - warming not harsh.  Tingle is the right word!  The fat melts away and the meat carried the flavours very well.  Clean in flavour, not muddied by any stale notes and very fresh chilli too.  The lingering flavours are very good.