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Winning the Golden Fork from the South West and 3 Stars at the Great Taste Awards 2020, our Smoked Pancetta also featured in Paul Hollywood's BBC television programme 'Pies & Puds' Episode 20.

Our smoked Pancetta is made from pork bellies using free-range West Country pork.  We select pieces with a good fat to meat ratio and then cure them with garlic, black pepper, thyme, juniper, bay, and mace.  The cured meat is then fermented (which makes the fat render quickly - perfect for cooking) and then air-dried and smoked over beech for a soft smoky flavour.  We slice the pancetta thinly so that you can use it to wrap around chicken or partridge or fry until crisp to add to a walnut, lettuce and mangetout salad, but of course there are a million ways to use Pancetta.   See also our pancetta without smoke and guanciale which are great alternatives.

Great Taste Awards 2020 - Judges' Notes

“...A stunning aroma and beautifully even layering of lean meat to fat - a dark and inviting colour. Glossy and very clean, the initial flavour of pig is extraordinary - this is a proud pork product and unashamedly piggy then the herbs start to release wave after wave of herbs...“

“...Clearly a lot of attention has gone into curing this. Lovely balance of spices, gentle garlic and good seasoning...”

“...A lovely balance of sweetness and salt and then the smoke kicks in at the right level. The fruitiness drifts through the mouth, teasing you into sampling another piece and wow, that fat! It is so well cured, not fatty or flabby or cloying, just great, honest, well-smoked and fruity...”

Capreouls Great Taste Awards 2020

Capreolus Great Taste Awards 2020


 'Gold Award' - Taste of the West 2012 (unsmoked pancetta)


'Best Cured Meat' - Taste of the West 2012 (unsmoked pancetta)

Ingredients: Pork belly, salt, garlic, muscovado sugar, black pepper, juniper berries, bay leaves, mace. 130g pork used per 100g.

Preservatives: Sodium nitrite, Ascorbic acid.